Nursing brochure


select a nursing theory that has resonated with you. Design a brochure that nursing administration could use to introduce this theory to their nursing staff, faculty or patients within their nursing clinical unit, education or research environment.

In a simple and concise manner, describe the selected theory and how it could be useful and relevant to your chosen nursing environment. Please pay close attention to ensure that you attend to the following criteria:

1. Briefly describe the nursing environment that you wish to support 

2. Describe the nursing theory/model that you plan to introduce 

3. What are the strengths of that nursing theory? Why is it useful and relevant to that particular nursing unit, educational or research environment

4. Use the six QSEN Competencies to explain how your chosen theory can be applied (Enumerate and explain

a. Patient-centered care

b. Teamwork and collaboration

c. Evidenced-based practice (EBP)

d. Quality Improvements (QI)

e. Safety

f. Informatics

5. Select any two concerns below 

Design a professional brochure that expresses clearly how your chosen theory could be applied to improve quality of any two of the following areas (Enumerate and Explain):

a. Patient care 

b. Nursing education

c. Nursing research 

d. Health disparities