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NOTE: For  full points, observe a 200 word minimum for your post, and also respond  to the posts of at least two other students with a meaningful reply (two  sentences or more).    Go to the following website:  http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/erupting_volcanoes.html  The map may take a couple minutes to load. Study the interactive map to  see where the volcanoes are clustered. Look at a couple in different  locations to note the differences. Check out where volcanoes are  actively erupting (red), have warnings or minor activity (orange), or  are experiencing unrest (yellow).   Then, select a volcano (check to make sure that it has not already been  taken by another student) and use the ″Create Thread″ function to post  the following information about your volcano:   1. Title your thread with the name of your volcano (this makes it easier  for others to pick a different volcano).  2. Geographic location of the volcano: (describe as best possible –  where would you visit this volcano)  3. Is this volcano near a plate boundary, if so, what type of plate  boundary?  4. Is this volcano the type where the lava FLOWS or BLOWS (shield  volcano or a stratovolcano)?  5. What is the activity status of the volcano?  6. Provide some narrative about what is happening with your adopted  volcano; talk about its history, or include anything else you would like  to share about this volcano. this may take a paragraph.     W3 (A) – Visualizing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Please provide a thoughtful, original response (300 word minimum) to the  following questions:  Mid-oceanic ridges (MOR) are found at the middle of the bottom of the  ocean and are THE most distinctive and geologically active feature on  the planet Earth.   1. Image that you could drain the Atlantic Ocean to explore the  mid-oceanic ridge which runs roughly north to south from pole to pole.  What would the ridge area look like as you approached it and then walked  across it? Tell me what you see. Describe what is happening at the MOR  in as much geologic detail is possible.  Discuss what is happening in  terms of plate tectonics  2. If North America and Africa were once joined as part of Pangaea, what  does the MOR have to do with the fact that they are now separated by  the Atlantic Ocean?    W3 (B) – Supervolcanic Eruption Scenario (20 pts) Please watch the movie (42 min) posted in this folder about the  Yellowstone Supervolcano and the types of hazards associated with a  possible eruption from this type of volcano.  Then answer the following  questions, with a 300 total word minimum:  1. What impressed you most about this movie, and why?  2. Imagine you are living in Denver, Colorado when this volcano erupts  again. Please describe how your life would be affected. Please be as  specific as possible about some of the short and long term consequences  of the volcanic hazards. Also, discuss the local, regional and global  impacts. Include in your narrative how the ash from the eruption will  affect the climate.   Due date: Sunday, June 3rd

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