Order 1347762: Training Evaluation and ROI (Return On Investment)


  • Type of paperCase Study
  • SubjectManagement
  • Number of pages2
  • Format of citationAPA
  • Number of cited resources2
  • Type of serviceWriting

Read the Case Study on page 286 of the Noe text (attached). Write a 2page paper responding to the following questions. 1.What outcomes should AMP collect to determine the effectiveness o the Career Changer Program? 2.What evaluation design should it use? Explain your choice of outcomes and design. Your response should reflect your understanding of this week′s readings (attached). Your response should be no more than two pages, double – spaced, APA formatted references. Readings: 1. Phillips Nation Hotel 2. Chapter 6 of the text book ″Employee Training and Development 7th Edition by Raymond A. Noe″

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