Submit the following draft sections of your paper in APA format (7th Edition).             Choose anything that interest you and help to answer your PICO(T) question. It should include the following

  1.         1. Title page
  2.          2. Abstract
  3.          3. Introduction
  4.          4.  Clinical Issue
  5.          5.  Search Process
  6.           6. Appraisal of Evidence
  7.            7. Summary of Practice Change 
  8.            8.  Conclusion
  9.            9.   References 
  10.            10. Appendices (only if they add value to paper!) 


  • Be sure all grammar, formatting, in-text citations, and references are in correct APA format download(7th Ed). 
  • Use the grading rubric downloadto ensure all required information is included in each section of your paper

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