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Corporate Responsibility Report Analysis 

This is an individual project, not a group project. 

The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize you with published corporate responsibility statements and provide you with an opportunity to assess their veracity and usefulness. Select a company that is classified in the bottom Fortune 100 and that publishes some type of sustainability/responsibility/citizenship report. You are asked to analyze a company’s responsibility/sustainability profile drawing on the material covered in the course. 


Word document (4-5 double spaced, typed pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margins-two sided printing is preferred – please number the pages) and a 5-10 minute power point presentation.


Your analysis/paper should address the following: 

· The organization’s history, mission and vision statements.

· The organization’s stated values, principles, etc.

· The stated corporate responsibility positions/programs/etc. with respect the social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

· The strategy and structure for implementing them.

· A critical assessment of the motivation behind, commitment to, and efficacy of the firm’s corporate responsibility.

Objectives of the project:

To provide a medium to develop and demonstrate:

· The capabilities for investigating the corporate responsibility dimensions of a business related topic.

· The capabilities to critically understand and evaluate elements of public representations of corporate responsibility.

· The capabilities for written expression.

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