pediatric nursing 900 words due 1/26/2021


Respond to the following questions below using the attached textbook and APA format (answers must be from the course textbooks). Response should be in 150 to  200 words per question 1-9. 

1. What is the diagnostic test for cystic fibrosis?

2. What devices and treatments would a nurse expect someone with cystic fibrosis to use and how are they helpful?

3. What devices and treatments would a nurse expect someone with asthma to use and how are they helpful?

4. What is the relationship of polycythemia to a child with a respiratory ailment?

5. Tamiflu is the brand name for Oseltamivir which helps decrease the manifestations. of Influenza but would need to be started within 48 hours of the onset. See ATI for age recommendations and state them.

6. Why are patients less than 3 have a much harsher time with respiratory illness in general than a child who is a bit older?

7. What would be included in a plan of care for a child with a communicable disease or infection? How would you communicate this to the parent? How would you communicate it to a toddler, preschooler, school age or adolescent child? 

8. What assessment findings in infancy and childhood would cause the nurse to be suspicious of a hearing deficit ? (hint you need to know things that are expected norms of infancy).

9. Research and summarize one evidence based article regarding nursing care of children with infectious diseases. 

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