Person Centered Theory Presentation

 Person Centered Theory is the topic given for Presentation

Each student/team will choose counseling theories to present to the class.  A role-play of a counseling technique must be included in the presentation.  A Powerpoint should be included as a visual. (2.F.1.a; 5.C.1.b)

Detailed discussion of theory and theorist

Clear discussion of the techniques of the theory.

Discuss the role of the counselor in this theory.

Discuss the strengths and limitations of the theory

Provided and appropriate role-play of the techniques of the theory

At least 2 references identified Power point presentation should be clear, concise and organized demonstrated ethical scholarship in appropriate and accurate presentation and attribution of sources and display accurate spelling grammar and punctuation. Use of scholar sources aligned with specified assignment requirements. In texts citation and references must adhere to APA 6th edition 2nd printing. must be able to present within 15 minutes.

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