PHI 2010

I need all the answers to come out of the pages of the book I am giving you

Read about Thomas Hobbes and Benedictus de Spinoza on pp. 62-67. Answer the following:

1. What is the basic premise of Hobbes’ metaphysics?

2. What is Hobbes’ view of perception? What is a problem with this view?

3. Explain Spinoza’s view of “substance.”

4. With what does Spinoza equate substance? What is this view called?

5. What does Spinoza say about “thought” and “extension?” How does his view on thought and extension address the problem of how the mind interacts with the body?

6. How does Spinoza’s view of substance differ from Descartes’? What problem with Descartes’ view does Spinoza solve?

7. How does Spinoza’s view of substance differ from Hobbes’? What problem with Hobbes’ view does Spinoza solve?

8.Now that you have read about Spinoza’s pantheism, do you believe he is best understood as an atheist? Explain why or why not in at least a paragraph.

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