Policy paper

There are components in the paper that need to be addressed. The paper is almost complete but it is missing some important parts. The parts that it is missing is highlighted in the attached documents. It’s not due until MAY 10, so I expect it to meet ALL expectations.




1st Document is THE PAPER that needs the missing information ADDED! Please don’t rewrite the paper just ADD missing material. policy_development_paper_final.docx


2nd Document is the instructions – highlighted is what is missing. policy_development_draft_instructions_1.doc


3rd Document is the MOST IMPORTANT document. My professor NOTED what is NEEDED in the paper ESPECIALLY to meet the requirements and items that are missing. PLEASE read! for_policy_development_paper.docx


4th Document is the grading rubric 4_policy_develop._draft__rubric_cjus_520_1.doc


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