Portfolio 2

This folder contains the instruments for your Stress and Stress Management Portfolio. Some people don’t realize how much or how little stress they have in their lives, or how some things are “building up.” Quite often, we will skip sleep or excercise “just this once” because we are running from work to school, or our carefully timed schedule is knocked out of alignment. Or, we don’t realize that taking care of ourselves means we actually get more done.

Work through the sections of this folder, then complete an analysis and report in a word document. Submit the word document via the submission tab. 

How much stress are you under?

Take at least two of these instruments. What did they say? Do you agree or disagree with the evaluation? Are you surprised?



How well do you eat?

Take at least two of the how well you are eating instruments, then compare it to what you should be eating.  Studies indicate that most human beings drastically over-estimate their activity level and under-estimate their caloric intake, resulting in skewed expectations about their weight management performance.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Quizzes


How fit are you?

As usual, take two of the instruments.   Depending upon your background, some of this information may surprise you.

Fitness Assessment




How well do you sleep?

Why do we sleep? How long is long enough or too long or too short? What happens when we sleep?

Take one of the quizzes on your sleeping habits, then read up on the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation.

NIH Sleep Quiz


What are you going to do about it?

Okay, you have worked your way through 4 seperate folders and hopefully gathered some information. Now, you should be creating a 4 section document. Within the sections you should be telling me what instruments you took, did you agree or disagree with them, did you learn anything, are you going to change anything?

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