This is a PowerPoint presentation that I will be using to present a health topic issue: heart failure. This PowerPoint presentation will be used throughout the presentation and I will be reading it so it needs to be simple and not confusing but also informative. The presentation alone is 20 minutes so I would like at least 15 slides. Make it easy for people of the community to understand as I am presenting to residents of a nursing home and getting graded on my presentation. 

The first slide should include basic heart flow and an easy way to explain it with some pictures. 

The rest of the slides must cover my objectives: 

 1) Learners will recall three accurate signs/symptoms of heart failure 

2) List two methods to treat heart failure 

3) List the different types of heart failure (left side, right side, diastolic, systolic) 

Please do not make it super complicated I want it to be an easy flowed presentation and for the audience to understand what is going on. I will upload my evaluation sheet which is how I will graded use this as a reference as it will include the required components of this assignment

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