Powerpoint Should Consist Of 10 Slides. Rubric Is Attached .PLEASE FALLOW THE RUBRIC


Similarity no more than 10 %

The APRN will be assigned a conflict case scenario by faculty  where the nurse practitioner’s student must assess and implement an action plan for management. The APRN student will work in a clinical group, discuss how to initiate a plan of action in resolving the clinical issue and present a PowerPoint presentation. No more than 10 slides 

  case scenario

Mr. Perez is recently diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus non-insulin dependent. On your follow up visit your patient acknowledged he is not following your treatment recommendation because he does not believe he suffers from diabetes and even if affected with diabetes, the treatment affects his way of life. How you will target this conflict with your patient?

Use the reference included with this scenario, and the assignment rubrics 


Boykins, A., & Carter, C. (2012). Interpersonal and cross-cultural communication for advance practice registered nurse leaders. Journal of Advanced Nursing Pracfice, 11(2).Retrieved from https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/a761/2feca75583a8cc0d3c3199bd644dff9f5333.pdf

     Please see the Attachments about PowerPoint and rubric

The following website might help yo to understand conflict:


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