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 In my opinion, yes global warming is taking place. The example that  Stephan Schneider gave about a spot on a lung is fantastic. Schneider  talks about value judgement and how much things mean to us. If I had a  spot on my lung, I would want to take care of it, get it tested and know  for sure what was happening and that is the same with global warming  (Global Climate News. 2012). We cannot wait for the earth-shattering  diagnosis; we have to treat each symptom as it appears. The people that  are using utter distortion, which is each extreme and not reporting from  all sides, have caused the global warming debate to go to the next  level (Global Climate News. 2012). There are always people with special  interests in mind, giving out their opinions for money. This causes  chaos within our Country because we don’t know who to believe. Anything  that is at both ends of the spectrum, needs to find a happy medium, to  give us the facts and resolutions to the problem. Temperatures warming  and ice melting trends are from GHG emissions and concentrations and the  unfiltered use of the atmosphere as an unpriced sewer (Global Climate  News. 2012). GHG concentrates are increasing along with positive  radiative force and observed warming (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate  Change. 2014). This is causing extreme changes that are observable like  our weather. Droughts, flooding, heat waves and cold snaps are all  examples of what is happening (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate  Change. 2014). 



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