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M1D1: Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

  • In your considered opinion, is global warming taking place?

In my opinion, yes, global warming is not only taking place, it is as  AGU (American Geophysical Union – 1998) explains, the harmful impact to  society global warming is having and the fact that no true blueprint  has been or for that matter, is in the process of being developed that  will produce counter measures to offset the current and long-term  negative impact of GHG (Green House Gases) on the earth is the primary  reason it is taking place. Simply stated, this is not rocket science!  The earth is a living organism that just like its inhabitants, depend on  the sun, water, air, food and something that in my opinion, gets  continually and completely overlooked, time to reset in order to  maintain its existence as we know it. For example, we need to look no  further than the deteriorating process of a human body being internally  destroyed by the metastasis of cancer cells. The earth, just as humans,  can only survive based on what it can consistently provide. It is slowly  dying in same fashion as a cancer patient because it cannot produce the  necessary anti-bodies to force its cancer into remission. Global  warming, in my opinion, is an outcome, not a cause to the earths current  condition. The relative difference can only be associated with the fact  that humans are but millimeters in comparison to the size of the earth  so as compared to the same metastasis that takes place in a cancerous  human body, the results are or will be the same as time continues to  mark the deadly outcome. The cause can simply be related to the human  habit of consistently building without replenishing. This process has  overwhelmed the earth and it has become a sick cancer patient. The same  monetary, or for reasons applicable to this paper, eco-systems, that  takes from the earth without letting it replenish itself is the same  process that forces cancer cells to feed on whatever it can find until  there is nothing left.  According to Redd, N. (2019), the earth is 4.53  Billion years old. As a human, try going without sleep for just ten days  and watch yourself slowly change from something that you were, but over  a ten-day period, you no longer are.    

  • Are temperature warming trends and ice melting trends merely  correlated with increased Green House Gases emissions and  concentrations, or are they caused by the latter?

Cause and correlation as explained by Scientific Consensus concludes  that the rise in the earth’s temperatures glacier meltdowns are eminent,  consistent and fast. The world authorities on the subject matter agree  that GHG are a direct cause of Global Warming. As Bradshaw, M. (2013),  so eloquently reiterates in chapter one of GED (Global Energy Dilemmas),  GHG is threatening the advancement of human life and if nothing is done  to reduce GHG impact humans will face the inevitable outcome becoming  destitute. We have errored in our ways in becoming totally dependent on  energy driven transport, consumption, warmth, coolness and sight.  Delicately put, due to the irreversible damage the earth has already  suffered and foundationally associated with our ways, finding  alternative energy sources can only slow the ultimate outcome human  existence will eventually face.       


A position statement on climate change was previously adopted by  the American Geophysical Union in December 1998; A new version was  adopted December 2003; Revised and Reaffirmed December 2007, February  2012, August 2013.

Nola T. Redd, How Old is The Earth, Space.Com-February 07, 2019 (Links to an external site.).

Bradshaw, M. (2013). Global energy dilemmas: Energy security, globalization, and climate change (Links to an external site.). Cambridge, UK: Polity

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