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1. In a previous week’s discussion, we touched on the whole community approach.  This not only involves the public safety agencies focusing the emergency services and emergency management functions, but also the various members of the community.  Now we are going to take a look at public/private partnerships.  Discuss what this concept is, what is the importance of this type of partnership(s), and identify a public/private partnership and explain the relationship and the benefits.  Also address any challenges with the public/private partnership you identified (if any).

2. Technology has become part of our everyday lives.  No matter how much we might try and resist technology taking over, it is involved with everything we do from communications to banking to navigation to education.  Take a step back and take a look at all the technology that is being used in public safety.  There is the mobile data terminals in emergency vehicles, we can send text and video now to emergency dispatchers, our smartphones have become computers that fit into the palm of our hand, etc.  With that, who would have thought that social media/social networking would become a useful technology in the field of public safety.  Discuss how the public safety field has embraced social media, explain how social media is used and the benefits, also look at your own community and discuss how social media is used to benefit the public safety agencies and the community.  In your post, touch on the risk and challenges of the use of social media in the field of public safety.

Requires at least 250 words with at least one properly formatted reference and citation.

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