Recruitment part 1, 2 and 3 PowerPoint

HRM3010 – Staffing Human Resources

Recruitment & Selection Project Instructions PowerPoint Presentation

Purpose: Through the completion of the Recruitment and Selection Project, the student will create a staffing plan which a hypothetical organization of their own design may use to acquire talent. The entire staffing process will be developed includingthe creation of job descriptions, the development and evaluation of necessary recruitment and selection methods, and an analysis of appropriate job offer and onboarding strategies. Care should be taken throughout the development of this project to ensure that all recommendations, processes, and procedures follow relevant EEO laws and regulations.


• Assume you are presenting to the executive team of your organization. Prepare a professional presentation in MS PowerPoint that reviews each of the major elements of your recommended staffing plan. Ensure that your plan solves the staffing issue and positions the organization to achieve its strategic initiative. • Slide contento Title slide – remember that this is being presented to the leadership teamo Introduction – While you don’t need to describe the company you do need to introduce the strategic staffing need.o Job Analysis – discuss the process utilizedo Job Description – while you would not have a slide of the job description, you would indicate that a handout is being distributed or in their packet.o Recruitment Plan – discuss the recruitment methods you have selected and why.o Selection Plan – discuss the selection process; indicate that the flow chart is being distributed or in their packet.o Job Offer – discuss the process and who will be includedo Onboarding – discuss the process that will be used for orientation.o Conclusion – request support to move forward.• Notes – The detail of what would be your verbal presentation must be represented in the notes section of each slide. This is where you will demonstrate mastery of the topics and your ability to inform and persuade your audience. This also reduces you feeling the need to place too much information on each slide.• Professional presentation, clarity of slides​o It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, and professional.o The use of an appropriate template, SmartArt to graphically depict information, and use of graphics to enhance the message is important. Do not just submit a plain PowerPoint deck that is filled with words and bullet point lists.o The presentation must be interesting and visually appealing and memorable.o Slides should not be overly cluttered and should be easily viewed when presented in a large setting. Use an appropriate font and font size.o Slides must be grammatically correct and free of misspelled words.