Recruitment part 3

HRM3010 – Staffing Human Resources

Recruitment & Selection Project Instructions – Part III

Purpose: Through the completion of the Recruitment and Selection Project, the student will create a staffing plan which a hypothetical organization of their own design may use to acquire talent. The entire staffing process will be developed includingthe creation of job descriptions, the development and evaluation of necessary recruitment and selection methods, and an analysis of appropriate job offer and onboarding strategies. Care should be taken throughout the development of this project to ensure that all recommendations, processes, and procedures follow relevant EEO laws and regulations.

Part III:  Selection Process through Onboarding

• Examine a minimum of three internal and external selection methods you could use to evaluate potential candidates for the strategic staffing need identified in Part I. Describe the metrics you will use to assess and validate the selection methods you believe to be the most effective for identifying talent for your organization. (1-2 pages)• Illustrate the selection process you have designed by creating a flow chart or other diagram that tracks a candidate from initial application through to the job offer stage. Provide details on the specific assessments and interviewing strategies identified at each stage. (1 page)• Describe the job offer process and negotiating strategies you will use to secure your desired candidates. Be sure to include whether the strategic staffing need identified in Part I is best suited for an at-will employment relationship or an express contract. Construct a sample offer letter which includes the appropriate language for the employment relationship desired. (1 page)• Provide an outline of the onboarding process your organization will use to orient new employees. (1 page)

Format:  Each section of the Recruitment and Selection Project should be prepared in APA format including the title page, section headers, in-text citations, and the reference page. A minimum of three professional and reputable sources are required for this section of the project. Part III of this project will be 3-4 pages of body plus title page, flow chart, offer letter, onboarding outline, and reference page. Consult the HRM3010 Research Guide for source recommendations.