I. Now, as you have finished your research paper, it is time to reflect upon your learning experience. Please answer reflectively to the following questions:

1. How much did you know about the research process before starting the course?

2. What process did you go through to complete the research paper?

3. Have you done a similar kind of work in the past?

4. In what ways have you gotten better at doing research?

5. In what ways do you think you need to improve?

6. What problems did you encounter while doing the research? How did you solve them?

7. What would you change if you had a chance to do this research again?

8. What’s one goal you would like to set for yourself for next time?

9. If someone else were looking at your research paper, what might they learn about who you are?

10. If you were the course professor, what comments would you make about your research paper?

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