My (4 letter) personality type is ISTJ. My identified Learning Style is Assimilator.

Complete a brief 3 page Reflection Paper (excluding references) incorporating the following information:

  1. What is  the description of your learning style? (Use information from the video (By Dr don Hebbard) and article “Assimilators Tip sheet” which are attached. Include characteristics of your style…Does this style seem to be a match for you? Why or why not? )(Tip: You can answer yes and describe how)
  2. Summarize the article  “The ISTJ as a caring manager — words or deeds?” from MILO.The pdf of the article is attached and the link to know more about it is :–%20words%20or%20deeds%3F. Include any APA references.
  3. What  did you learn as a result of your QEP My Learning Style experience?
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