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Peer 1 

Nursing informatics is a collaberatedjob that entails all aspect of nursing such computer and information science is merge all data together(HMSS).Informatic release knowlegde, wisdom in nursing practice that has beeninput in the system by provider, nurses, patient in order to give out educated logistic information(HMSS).

Informatics is assessed on a daily basic in order to retrieve patient, provider , and assisstant data into order to treat the client effectively. Informatic is intregrated clinics, hospital setting, and doctor. Primary care setting information data can merge data from previous doctor visit speciality clinic such as nephrologist, cardiologist and other health care settings.

The qualification for informatic can came from a master level for informatic or a bachelor program. So have worked long in the program. The are still allowed do teach the classes and they are also alarmed to trouble shoot when their are issue with the system(American Nurses Association,2008).

Peer 2

NP have the ability to provide exceptional care because majority of nurses have years of experience before advancing to the next level. An NP is able to high quality cost affective care when the are given full autonomy which is full independence. Some states are allowing that but there are still many who do not allow full autonomy (AANP, 2021). APRNs are views as entrepreneurs and with the motivation, ‘clinical skills, and knowledge with business acumen to address gaps for direct patient care found in the healthcare industry’ (Johnson & Gavin, 2017). If more states would reduce the barriers for NPs this could lead to NP independency in NP-primary care which should extend the reach of costeffective, high-quality care to individuals with chronic complex health needs in underserved area (Van Vleet & Paradise, 2015).

A nurse informaticists is consulted throughout the care of a patient, ‘through their contributions and guidance, workflows are improved for healthcare staff and best practices followed in the effective management of information structures, processes and technology’ (HIMSS, 2019). You can consult a nurse informaticists at anytime because their goal is not only patient safety but the effectiveness of the healthcare team. According to HIMSS (2019), qualification for this specialty are at minimum a bachelor’s degree in nursing, master’s degree and certifications, particularly for executive roles, experience and/or strong understanding of working in a clinical setting, strong technical skills; ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies and innovation. Strong project management skills, an affinity for obtaining, analyzing and strategizing about data, understanding for medical economics, strong interpersonal skills, and leadership experience.

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