Report Religion


1) Choose a religion you wish to experience something of; if it is not one of the seven major world religions, confirm it with me.

2) Find a place of worship or service or event of that religion in the metroplex.

3) Go to it.

      a) It is often good to contact them ahead, via phone, email, or webcontact.

      b) when in Rome, do as the Romans do: take your shoes off, or cover or uncover your head, stand where they guide you to, etc.

      c) be nice, quiet, respectful. You do not have to lie that you agree or like something if you don’t, and they shouldn’t expect you to.

       d) ask questions if there is a format and opening for doing so; otherwise, observe.

       e) make up your mind ahead of time as to whether or not you will give them your contact information.

4) Write up your experience.

      a) what happened?

      b) what was the experience like for you? comfortable or not? challenging or not? how did you feel before / during / after? etc.

      c) did you encounter things that fit or did not fit our class-based description of the religion?

      d) final evaluation: how would you sum up?

5) One to three pages, typed, double-spaced, etc., with name, course name and section, semester, and instructor name in upper right-hand corner.

Dr. Curtis-Thames

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