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7. Provide your perspectives and recommendations regarding the tactics used by the leaders. What were/are their strengths and weaknesses? Would you have led differently? How would a different leadership style have affected the outcomes?


1. Highlight Report – All teams will put together a PowerPoint report that will be shared with the rest of the class. The report should highlight the major points of your team’s research, including an assessment of the leaders’ strengths and weaknesses.

2. Paper – The team paper must be between 8 and 12 pages of text (not including the title page or reference list) in APA format; you can find an APA Quick Reference Guide online at The paper should flow as a whole, not read like separate parts cobbled together.

3. Peer Evaluation – At the conclusion of the project, you are required to complete a self- evaluation and a peer evaluation. These evaluations must be completed for you to receive a team project grade. These evaluations will affect your grade, so it is important that you are an active member of your team. All team members will not necessarily receive the same grade. Please review the file Team Peer Review Rubric for more information on how you will evaluate yourself and your teammates.

Critical Points

1. Make sure that your sources are reliable. There’s no harm in visiting Wikipedia to familiarize yourself with a topic as you’re starting your research, but it is not a reliable source for an academic paper. You can find information about evaluating the credibility of your sources .

2. Don’t plagiarize. You can find guidance on how to avoid plagiarism . As a safety mechanism, you might want to share your source materials with each other and review for inadvertent plagiarism. The team’s grade is based on what the team submits; thus, if one member of the team plagiarizes, the entire team plagiarizes.

===> The research about Steve Jobs and Tim Cook of Apple and talk ab their leadership

Here is some help for the essay:

Some helpful articles to read. (This is a study website like Course Hero and Quizlet. We cannot site from this, but it may spark a few ideas)

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