Research Paper


You determined there is a market Gap in Cyber Security. Research and gather the following information for the company you determined.  A minimum of 20 pages of research excluding cover page and reference, 15 slides of presentation and APA 7th edition formatting applies.

1. Identify opportunities in the market. Where is the gap in the current industry and how will your product or service fill that gap?

2. How will you obtain funds for the project?  (Are you asking for funds or obtaining from another source?)

3. How much funding is required to start your proposed company?

4. What resources are required?

o Hardware

o Software

o Other support IT to get the systems up and running (networking, database, etc.…)

o People

o Equipment

o Office Space

o Etc.…

5. What organizational learning concepts and theories that will be used?

6. How will your company integrate IT Resources?

7. What type of teams will be required? (Virtual, local Teams?) Why?

8. What ethical and legal implications will need to be addressed?

9. What cyber security and privacy of information will need to be managed?

10. Identify some of the best practices that your team will implement in the organization and why

11. What is the time frame to launch?

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