Research Paper – Dietary Handout

Assignment Overview

You have been tasked with creating a one-page dietary handout for patients in a clinical setting to take home with them.

Please write a 2- to 5-page research paper (excluding the title page and reference page(s)) using APA 6th Edition Format and Style about developing the handout for the disease and audience of your choice. 

  • Choose a disease that interests you, e.g. cardio vascular disease (CVD), hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes
  • Identify your target audience i.e. the patients in the clinic
  • Include, in your handout, instructions to your patients about the dietary ‘dos and don’ts about the chosen disease:
    • e.g. if Cancer is your disease of choice discuss risk factor for the disease for your patient population and
    • dietary factors for reducing cancer risk 

Please remember to include the following in your paper:

  1. an introduction
  2. a conclusion
  3. include at least three (3) references
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