This is a tough question to answer. I think it’s first most important to understand without each of these topics playing a role in our agency we would fail to be successful. So each of these areas has extreme value in today’s HRM functions. With that being said I believe Sanction to encompass all of these areas to establish the employee-employer relationship (Llorens, 2018). It is key to have this contract between the two parties to ensure a fair and balanced workplace for all. Sanction takes into account the rights of employees, counseling, as well as writing them up (LLorens, 2018).

Every workplace has these social norms that govern them whether they are noticed or not. For us to be successful we need an organization that supports positive behaviors. These behaviors must support a positive social environment (Claridge 2020). With all that being said, every role that has been discussed here carries extreme value and weight in our organization. Instead of discussing which of these areas is the most important, I think it is more important to discuss how each of these roles plays a part in our organization, how they work together, and how we can promote success in each of these areas. 

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