I had done with my intoduction about ( Executive Order: Protecting the Nation from Foregin Terrorist Entry into the united States)


1- I want you to rewrite the intoduction better than I did , becuse the professor said its very poor introduction for my research 


2- Keep it as two paprgraph too , please dont make it longer


3- I will attach the draft of the introduction and attach the outline for my research ( only to make you understand how my paper going after the introducation ) YOU NEED ONLY TO REwrit the INTRODUCTION.


4- If you see that you need more sources than the cites , you can ADD But please do the sources in the end as APA style sources


5- If you think its better to change all the sources that i uesd to make the introduction better , you CAN , but please make the sources cited in the paragraphs and write the sources in APA styles in the end of the introduction


PLEASE if you CAN’T do it  dont send for me agreement, this is third time i do it , I DONT have time 



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