Risk Response Plan


This assignment provides the opportunity to review risk management practices and create handling actions for analyzed risks. To do this you will complete the following steps:

· At the end of this assignment, you will submit your Risk Register – filled out with identified risks, risk analysis and risk response plans

· For all required risks, identify the risk response.

· Be very clear on the risk response strategy, how it will be implemented and the planning deliverables that will be changed to integrate the risk response. Do not just note that a risk will be mitigated – explain how it will be mitigated. What is the action plan for implementing that strategy? How do these actions integrate with other planning deliverables (i.e. what gets added to the WBS, does an estimate change?)

· Re-asses the risk based on the handling actions- did the response strategy reduce the probability and impact below the threshold value (as will be set in the Risk Management Plan). If not, what additional actions need to be taken?

· Consider the use of multiple responses for critical risks

· Create a contingency plan for those risks that require this based on your determined guidelines .

· Identify and analyze secondary risks created by the risk responses. Note any responses needed.

· Include a summary paragraph sharing how response plans were developed, what was effective about the process and what you might do differently moving forward.

· Cite any sources. The writing style should be concise and straightforward. Please use a 12 point font.

· Refer to the Rubric attached to the assignment for additional criteria for evaluation.

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