Select one of the HR roles listed in your mind map, and research potential job requirements. 

Assignment Content

  1. Review the following if needed:
    • Learn: Making a Mind Map
    • Mind Map Example
    • Part 1
      Identify four potential roles of human resources representatives within an organization.

      Create a mind map or infographic that summarizes 7 to 10 characteristics or responsibilities of those individuals.

      Part 2
      Select one of the HR roles listed in your mind map, and research potential job requirements.

      Write a 225- to 525-word job description for the HR role that you have selected.

      Submit your Mind Map and job description.

HRM/420 Week Mind map Script

For your assignment, you will create a Mind map. It is important that you use a tool such as Popplet®, Mindmeister®, or Microsoft® Word. If you choose a Microsoft® Word document, be mindful of the Mind map requirement; with this format, you would still create text boxes within a diagram, and not write a paper.

Now that you have selected the tool you will use, you can create your Mind map. Think of a Mind map as a relationship builder among similar concepts. Think about how you would organize your thoughts on the topics you will address. You might have a major subject, such as mediation. Then, you might choose several topics that relate to mediation, such as advantages of mediation and disadvantages of mediation, as well as mediator qualifications. Then, in your third layer, you might discuss those advantages, disadvantages and qualifications.

As another example, let’s say you were creating a Mind map about weather in the United States. Your first and central topic might be United States weather. Your second layer might include Colorado and California and the weather patterns in those states. Your third layer might be cities and the weather patterns there.

There are many ways to organize this project. Some students use a single page for their Mind map, while others choose multiple pages. You might consider putting your major topic in the center, with lines leading to secondary topics. Then, from those secondary topics, you would add your third layer of details.

Many students are learning how to use a Mind map for the first time in this course, but if you have experience with this tool, then you should do well.