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The facts of this case are straightforward. A shop floor dispute at  an automobile parts manufacturing plant in Hamilton, Iowa ended with one  worker killing another. At about 2 p.m., police responded to a report  of a fight that erupted between two employees. When members of the  Hamilton Police Department’s Violent Crime Unit arrived, they found Mark  Lomas seriously injured. Lomas, 30, died three hours later at a local  hospital. The other employee, Thomas Waycross, was charged with  second-degree murder.

During the investigation, employees noted that Lomas and Waycross  often “bickered” when working together. One employee remarked that  Waycross liked to “act tough.” Another employee claimed that Waycross  had a “Rambo-like” personality. It was widely known that management had  told both employees to “learn to get along” or quit. 

When asked about the incident, police spokesperson Kathy Calder  remarked, “Employers must be vigilant when monitoring for signs of  potential workplace violence.” Nancy Lomas, Mark’s wife, has filed a  negligence lawsuit against the company.

Answer the following questions:

1. What are some violence indicators an employee might display?

2. What are some actions management can take to help prevent workplace violence?

3. How can employees protect themselves against workplace violence?

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