Signature Project

   Select the topic of “Social Media Influence or Use in Staffing,” 

1) you can start with an introduction and history of Social Media

2) how it has it affected the modern workplace

3) what impact does it have on staffing (recruiting, hiring, pre-employment testing, background checks, etc.)

4) what are the benefits of using it for staffing on social media.

5) what are the disadvantages of using it for staffing on social media etc. 

6)  provide strong conclusion, tying it altogether. You can discuss the future of social media in the area staffing (recruiting, hiring, assessment testing, etc.).

7) discuss how it is used in that company(example, Costco,Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.)

minimum 4 or more sources included.

minimum 4 to 5 page (not including reference and title page).