Social Work Discussion Questions

Keep headers!

Answer each question with a minimum of a paragraph per answer. 

Use scholarly references.

Assignment 1


Focus on the Paula Cortez case study for this Discussion. In this case study, four professionals present their perspectives on the Paula Cortez case. These workers could view Paula’s case through a variety of cultural lenses, including socioeconomic, gender, ethnicity, and mental health.

1. Post how you, as a social worker, might interpret the needs of Paula Cortez, the client, through the two cultural lenses you selected. 

2. Then, explain how, in general, you would incorporate multiple perspectives of a variety of stakeholders and/or human services professionals as you treat clients.


Assignment 2

1. Post at least two strategies social workers may use to become advocates for social change through cultural competence. 

2. In addition, identify at least two challenges administrators may face in developing cultural competency within their organizations.

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