standard test review

Although standardized tests are widely used today in America’s schools, many may not be aware of how these tests are created.

Your course text the explains the general process of developing a standardized test. For this assignment, your task is to use the information provided in your text to create a flowchart, which is a type of diagram used to visually represent some kind of process. These flowcharts can be made using Word or PowerPoint. Your flowchart will need to represent each of the steps required to develop a standardized test, and for each of the steps you will need to include a graphic of some type and compose a paragraph describing what happens at that point in the process. You can either include the paragraphs in your flowchart if space/design permits, or you can include the descriptions on a separate piece of paper, but be sure to include the important terminology associated with each.  

In addition to the paragraphs for your flowchart, include an another paragraph describing what standardized test used in public schools in your state/local area, along with a short description of it. You might find it helpful to begin your research on your state’s department of education website.

APA requirements for this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font; reference page with correct information if you use something other than the Bible or your textbook for this course.