I need the questions answered in about 200 words each

Statistics Question


This week’s course content covers chapters 3 and 4 in our textbook.

For (optional) participation, select these two terms in the chapters.
Give a definition for the term.
Give an example of its use in applied research.

1. Symmetrical distribution

2. Application of symmetrical distribution

3. Central Tendency

Nursing Question

Case-control studies are good when studying rare diseases or diseases that have a long latency period between exposure and disease development, can be less costly and less time-consuming, and are useful when exposure data is expensive or hard to obtain (Lamorte, 2017). 

What are some examples of rare diseases that would be a good fit for this study design and why? 

Lamorte, W. (2017). Advantages and Disadvantages of Case-Control Studies. Boston University School of Public Health. Retrieved from