Technology & Culture in America: Paper abstract assignment


At least one paragraph describing your planned paper topic.
Identify the general topic, the time period to be studied, and possible primary sources.

When writting the abstract focus on an agreed-upon topic concerning technology and culture in America.


There are many possibilities as to just what you might write about. You might, for instance, consider how industrial development is discussed over time in American history textbooks. Or you might analyze advertisements of automobiles, or maybe washing machines, appearing in magazines in the 1930s and 1940s. Or, you might compare and contrast two technological utopian (or dystopian) novels or movies, or interpret photographs of factory interiors taken in the early twentieth century. Whatever you choose to write about, you must provide some historical and/or cultural context to your topic, and you must focus your analysis on primary texts—the movies, advertisements, books, or images you have identified as important. 

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