Reading # 4 from Ruggiero’s, Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues. At minimum the below chapter from this book is to be read. With all readings in this course, you are encouraged to read actively and discerningly/critically at all times.

  • The Role of Conscience – Ch. 4 (Pages 38-50)

The Role of Conscience

1. A number of medical centers around the United States now offer “finders’ fees” to physicians for referring patients to researchers who are conducting trials of new drug therapies, the side effects of which are not yet known. One researcher, for example, was offering physicians a $350 payment for each referred patient who enrolled in their research project. Many physicians accept the fees and make the referrals, apparently without suffering pangs of conscience.

Are their actions ethical?

2. When Bruno and Bertha rented their apartment, they signed a lease that included a provision that animals were not allowed. Now they have decided they want to have a cat. They plan to sneak it into the apartment at night so the landlord won’t know they have it. Their consciences are not troubled. Should they be?