urgent, for tomorrow at 5 pm

b. Debate -50 points/50% 

• The opposing positions debated are made clear. 

• Argue the issue from a Pro position crediting a supporting scholarly source.

 • Argue the issue from a Con position crediting a supporting scholarly source. 

• Present arguments in a clear and articulate manner. 

• Use appropriate ethical principle(s) to support each position. 

• Consider which, if any, ethical principles are in conflict with the opposing positions. 

• Use three (3) provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics that apply to the ethical dilemma. 

• Discuss possible outcomes of each position being argued. 

• Present a plan for resolving the issue (for patient, family and the nurse). 

c. Post-Debate Discussion – 15 points/15% 

• Elicit questions from the class after the debate. 

• Respond professionally and appropriately to questions from the class and faculty.

 • Include concluding remarks by moderator. 

d. PowerPoint – 20 points/20%

 • Title page • Brief description of the assigned case 

• Ethical dilemma the case presents • Ethical principles that relate to the case

 • Three (3) provisions from the ANA code of Ethics that apply to the case

 • Possible outcomes • Plan for resolving the dilemma

 • At least 2 sources used to support work • Reference page 

• 10-12 slides (Do not exceed 12 slides) e. APA Style and Organization – 10 points/10%

 • References are submitted with assignment. 

• Uses current APA format and is free of errors.

 • Grammar and mechanics are free of errors

. • At least three (3) scholarly, peer reviewed, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook, are provided.