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Coming from a Christian background, we believe in divine healing and allowing God to control the situation. When my friend’s mother was diagnosed with stage three cancer, she was undergoing pain but giving her a word of encouragement and quoting the bible gave her hope that she will be well. My Friend’s mother liked the quotes from the scripture that say’, “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” The quotes from the Christian bible, made her feel there is a person above all earthly things and has control of everything (Sedaghat Ghotbabadi & Haji Alizadeh, 2018).  

   As a nurse practitioner, I will agree to read a holy book from any religion if it encourages the patient. In my belief, we serve one God, a supreme being in control of the universe. People from all the religion worship one supreme being but do it in different ways. Therefore, I will be comfortable if a patient or a family member asks me to read with them the holy book or pray with them.  

    “The struggle you are in today gives you strength that you require tomorrow.” These quotes can fit different people from different religions and are not biased. These words can give strength to a patient and give them the right mentality to overcome the struggles and pain (Reimer-Kirkham, 2019). The encouragement can motivate the patient to do some activities like eating, doing exercise, and taking medication when they have hope that the future holds great things. The quotes help to inform the patients that they can also overcome the situation because other people have gone through the same or worse and came out of it strong.

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I vividly remember 2020 as if it were yesterday. This was the time in my life when spirituality was fundamental. I was afraid of losing close relatives to Covid-19, schools were closed, and people close to me lost their jobs, which made life to be very difficult all around. Indeed, this was the time in my life when taking a leap of faith and increasing my spirituality was very important (Gordon et al., 2018). Taking a leap of faith and constantly praying during this period helped me believe that God was in charge of our well-being and I was encouraged to reframe happenings through an optimistic lens.

I would not hesitate to pray with a patient or read the bible with a patient because prayer or bible reading may help the patient get comfort, support her spiritual health, and help her attune emotionally to her illness (Caldeira & Timmins, 2017).

I would feel honored regardless of my religious beliefs if a patient asked me to pray or read their bible with them because for the fact that they trusted me and are comfortable enough with me as their care giver to make such request. I would feel that it is necessary to pray or even read the bible with them (Caldeira & Timmins, 2017). I believe in the power of prayer or reading the bible and this is why when I receive a request to pray with someone or read the bible, I feel privileged to share my spirituality with someone who needs it.

I probably would experience some conflict if I were of a different faith with the patient. I would wonder how much impact my prayer would be for the patient as I would essentially be going through the motions because we probably don’t share the same beliefs, but I would still do it as the effect is more for the patient than for me and my beliefs wouldn’t matter as long as my act has a positive impact on the patient’s well-being (Timmins & Caldeira, 2017).  

Spiritual message for the patient

May God’s peace and comfort keep you during your recovery period. May the unfailing love and care of God keep you while you recuperate. My thoughts are with you during this time of sickness and praying that you obtain strength in the Lord and His continuous supply of love.

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