In this unit, you learned about hypothesis testing. For this   assignment, you will be composing an essay to demonstrate what you have   learned about this topic. In your essay, you should do the following.

Discuss the five steps in hypothesis testing, citing examples where   necessary.

Define null and research hypotheses.

Explain how to prepare data for hypothesis testing.

Describe exploratory data analysis as a prelude to hypothesis   testing.

Distinguish between Type I and II errors. What are the implications   of each?

Be sure to begin your essay with an introduction section that   includes a thesis statement for the paper. The tutorial with a transcript is attached   Your essay must be at least three pages in length, and you must use at least   three references. Any information from a resource must be cited and   referenced in APA format, and your essay should be formatted in APA style. 


See attached study guide for reference materials. 

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