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How much of his persona was made possible because of the media and did the media have a hand in possibly advancing his criminality?


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Al Capone was a very young man who was looking to have a life. Al Capone had to establish a way of gaining power and made enough money for himself. Al Capone was a very notorious gangster. He operated an organized crime group in the 1920s in Chicago. Al Capone was taking advantage of the Prohibition era. Capone was a charitable, charming, vicious, powerful which made him become an iconic figure of a successful American gangster (Valentini, 2015). Al Capone knew a lot of people especially the young age, and this enabled him to access resources he required for his business plan. People liked him for his generosity. He could help individuals who were faced with various life problems, and that is one of the reasons as to why many people accepted him despite being considered evil by others. Some people even compared him to a modern day Robin Hood due to his generosity to average citizen (Pasley, 2013).



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Valentini, C. (2015). The Confessions of Al Capone. New York: SAGE.


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