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How does Madoff’s Ponzi fraud play into these aspects of organized crime?



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Organized crime is a real problem to the United States. Despite the existence of the agencies that deal with it, this remains a major problem and primary concern. The federal laws exist, but the only way to improve them is to make them stricter. That is to say; more power should be attached to them. According to Weisburd and Braga, the impacts of breaking the federal law as far as organized crime fight is concerned should be those that can be greatly felt by individuals (Weisburd & Braga, 2015). This can be achieved by the kind of jail sentence given to the people found in the menace. Sentences like life imprisonment and death sentences to such people can help make the law gain its power. Other strategies like the law informant agencies, should be given enough powers if not excess to handle the issue. Their numbers should be increased, and the number of individuals employed to help do the agency work needs to be improved. The legislation should work together with the agencies and the community initiatives in fighting the problems.





Braga, A. A., & Weisburd, D. L. (2015). Police innovation and crime prevention: Lessons. Learned from police research over the past 20 years

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