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Can you find an instance that one or more of our intelligence agencies have been successful in combating organized crime?


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There are very many intelligence agencies and law enforcement which combat organized crime. Local police stations in the U.S. combat organized crime, and they can also have a specialized unit focusing on organized crime. Other intelligence agencies and law enforcement are FBI, DEA, Multijurisdictional Task Forces, and Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and so on. One of the legal limitations which affect law enforcement efforts is that prohibiting law ensures that law enforcement has to stay in their jurisdiction (Musser, 2016). If they are not in their jurisdiction especially when trying to conduct their investigations and get people they might be limited by what to do unless those from the jurisdiction assist them. I think both traditional and modern approaches to controlling and regulating organized crime have their places on where they are important. I, however, think that modern approaches work better. This is because people are now more informed and the law enforcement agencies take advantage so as to regulate organized crimes (Musser, 2016).



Musser, M. C. (2016). Organized crimes. Boston: Pearson Education.


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