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Week 3: Scientific Underpinnings for Practice: Nursing Theory

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As the nursing profession evolves, practice knowledge is increasing and theories are moving ever closer to the bedside. Conduct a literature search to locate a nursing journal article that utilizes a theory as a theoretical foundation and describe how this theory was operationalized. Reflect upon this theory and address the following.

· Describe the major concepts of the selected nursing theory.

· Explain how this selected nursing theory applies to the nursing metaparadigm regarding a) person, (b) health, (c) environment and (d) nursing.

· Explain how this selected nursing theory can be applied to a nursing practice problem in your unique setting.

Please review the Graduate Discussion Grading Guidelines and Rubric  (Links to an external site.)for complete discussion requirements.

*******3 Sources . Scholarly Citation ( NO OLDER than 5 years ) , APA format 6 edition