Week 6 Discussion Form

Mark has a busy deli shop.  He has a business checking account at ABC bank.  He usually received his statement on the 15th of the month.  Because he is busy and his accountant has recently quit, he is three months behind in reviewing his statements.  A few weeks later, he finally has some time and finds several forged checks. 

Analyze this situation in relation to your learning segments and the following issues

  • 1. Who will bear the loss of the forged checks – Mark or ABC bank?
  • 2. What additional information, if any would you need to access the loss?
  • 3. What is the forger is an employee of the company, would that change who would bear the loss?
  • 4. Other than checking his statements promptly, what other procedures or actions could Mark use to prevent further occurrences? 

Be sure to support your opinion with facts from research or resources along with citation of those sources. APA Format, Times New Roman, 12 pt Font

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