Week 7 Culminating Experience Evidence-Based Change Project Presentation


This week, submit your narrated presentation on your approved topic. The presentation should be 15–20 slides in length, not including your cover slide or reference slide and no longer than 10 minutes in duration. Your reference slide should cite at least ten references.

Your presentation should, at the minimum, include discussion of the following topics regarding your change project:

  • Your specific change project topic
  • The background of the problem addressed, why you chose this specific change project, and why it had anticipated value to the organization you developed it for
  • Your findings from your literature review
  • Your methodology
  • Why your project aligns with the theoretical framework you chose
  • The aims, values, and goals
  • Your change project implementation process
  • The outcomes you measured and the overall effect on the organization

Your presentation will be viewed/critiqued by your classmates and your instructor and should be professional in format and appearance.

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