Week 8 Assignment: Interview and Reflection

 Within each Week’s module, you have learned about many leadership concepts and the theory that supports them. Now, in your final paper, it is time to learn from a leader whom you admire. You will explore what makes them a good leader, how you can incorporate the techniques that they use, and how making these changes will make you a better leader. Here are the requirements for the assignment:

  1. Include a title page
  2. Include a separate page that provides the following information:
    1. The person’s first name.
    2. How you know him/her.
    3. Their current title in the leadership role.
    4. How long they have been in their current leadership role.
    5. The theory that supports their leadership style, type, and pattern.
  3. On another page, address the following points:
    1. The interviewee’s greatest challenge as a leader according to them.
    2. The interviewee’s greatest strength as a leader according to them.
    3. The interviewee’s greatest weakness as a leader according to them.
  4. In your conclusion, address the following:
    1. What makes your interviewee a good leader in your opinion?
    2. How can you incorporate the techniques that they use, so that you can become a better leader?
    3. How can these changes make you a better leader?
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