What are profit-sharing plans and COLAs?

Requirements include,

  • Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment
  • Use headings to separate the sections of the paper (use the Questions selected)
  • Page numbers
  • Double-spacing
  • Times New Roman, size 12
  • Use a minimum of two sources for each response. One must be a classroom resource.
  • In-text citations in APA style – All references must be cited and all citations must be referenced. 
  • Reference page using APA style

Select any of these 8 topics for your Final Written Assignment and address each question comprehensively. Try to use your own words but use the classroom resources to support your definitions and explanations.  

  1. Who are the main parties involved in the collective bargaining process and what are their roles?
  2. What is a management rights clause? Do you agree with the reserved rights theory? Support your answer.
  3. The year 2009 was significant in the trends of union membership in the United States. Explain.
  4. Did the Great Depression have any impact on the U.S. labor movement? If so, what? 
  5. What are profit-sharing plans and COLAs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  6. Which paid LOA (leaves of absence) are typically provided by labor agreements? 
  7. Why is seniority often used in layoff and recall actions?
  8. How does the NLRB review an unfair labor practice charge of surface bargaining?