What role does diversity awareness play in organizational teamwork? 

Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. 

Submit your answers in an essay format. 

Use complete sentences and proper grammar.

Your answers must be your own thoughts and not copied material from the text.

  1. Discuss  the term “synergy”.  What does it mean to you?  Why is it important in an organization?
  2. Discuss four different ways teams may be used.
  3. Given your plans for the future, how will developing your teamwork skills benefit you? (There is no wrong/right answer here, however, your answer must be well thought out)
  4. What role does diversity awareness play in organizational teamwork?
  5. Describe an effective approach to conflict management using a specific situation.  For example, a specific conflict issue you may have had in the workplace, according to the text how might you have effectively handled it? Was this the method you used and did it work? If not, do you believe this method would have changed the end result?