What role should personality testing play in selection for most jobs? 

Chapter 7 Employee Selection


What role should personality testing play in selection for most jobs?


Compare briefly the major types of employment interviews described in Chapter 7. Which type would you prefer to conduct? Why?


What issues might arise in the use of background checks in the selection process?

Written Assignment: Preparing to Conduct an Interview

Your job responsibilities have just expanded to include interviewing job applicants. The first interviews will take place in about ten days. Fortunately, there are up-to-date job descriptions available for the jobs for which you will be conducting interviews, Still, you feel a bit uncertain of exactly how to proceed. You decide to check the Internet for advice on how to conduct interviews.

1. Locate resources that would be useful to you in learning how to conduct interviews.

2. Find and work through an interviewer training simulation online.

3. Write a one-page report of what you have learned about how to conduct an effective job interview.

Written Assignment: How Should You Have Been Hired?

Pick a job that you have held or the job you wish to obtain after graduation from your current course of study.

1. Consider the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience needed to perform that job. List the attributes you believe an employer should look for in hiring a new employee for that job.

2. Determine how you would go about measuring these attributes in an applicant.

3. Suppose you have decided to use a structured interview. Write down situational and behavior description questions that would be useful in selecting employees for that job.