What type of culture does the company have and do you think it embraces ethnic diversity

Assessment tool

For this case, a one-on-one interview with the team members would go a long way in measuring assimilation. The following questions would help gather the desired assimilation information.

1. What type of culture does the company have and do you think it embraces ethnic diversity

2. As a local or visitor, how comfortable were you working with the company systems and processes or there were some cultural beliefs that were being violated and how

3. From the experience gained, would you say that the Fig Technologies company’s processes, systems, and culture meet the international standards or not

4. In the case you were made in charge of Fig Company’s processes, systems, and culture in the site you were working in, what changes would you make and why

5. The Fig Technologies Company is established in different countries across the globe which means that it hires employees from different cultures and ethnicities. Would you say that the processes and systems in brace embrace cultural diversity where all employees from different ethnicities are treated equally, why or why not

6. Apart from the fact that the company culture directs how employees from different ethnicities deal and treat each other in the workplace. Do you think that the employees appreciate and value ethnic diversity or they are being forced by circumstances and how did you proof that

7. In a company where ethnicity is embraced, conflicts is among things commonly experienced, did you encounter such a scenario and what could have been the reason behind

8. What could you are common roadblocks to an organization that have a diverse workforce and what do you suggest should be done to address them

9. The company currently has a number of outlets and the acquiring is attracting new outlets into the system and processes. Do you think that the present processes, culture, and systems can be accepted in the newly acquired outlets or there are some limitations and which ones

10. From the observation and experience you have gained, do you think that the company has the right leadership to effect the assimilation efforts in the new acquired outlets