Which assessment method has a high-content validity?

Which assessment method has a high-content validity?

Question options:


cognitive ability tests


personality   tests


structured interviews


job-knowledge tests


Question 2

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The framework for talent management includes __________.

Question options:


deciding what positions to fill


building a pool of job candidates


using selection tools such as   tests and interviews


all of the above


Question 3

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__________ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill.

Question options:






Workforce planning


None of the above.


Question 4

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The process of making forecasts based on the ratio between some causal factor like sales volume and the number of employees required is called __________.

Question options:


ratio analysis


trend analysis


graphical analysis


computer analysis


Question 5

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__________ is the procedure through which one determines the duties associated with positions and the characteristics of people to hire for those positions.

Question options:


Job description


Job specification


Job analysis


Job context


Question 6

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When a company decides on how to fill top executive positions, the process is called __________.

Question options:


employment planning


succession planning






Question 7

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The first step in the validation process is to __________.

Question options:


choose the tests to measure   attributes of job


analyze the job


administer tests




Question 8

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A(n) __________ is a procedure designed to solicit information from a person’s oral responses to oral inquiries.

Question options:










Question 9

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Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards is considered __________.

Question options:


improper hiring


negligent hiring


appropriate depending upon the job


negligent intent


Question 10

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Consider the following question: “Suppose you saw a coworker who was not following standard work procedures. The coworker claimed that the new procedure was better. What would you do”? What type of question is this?

Question options:




past behavior




job knowledge


Question 11

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When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?

Question options:


personnel needs


supply of inside candidates


both A and B.


neither A nor B.


Question 12

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A __________ summarizes the personal qualities, traits, skills, and work behaviors required for getting the job done.

Question options:


job specification


job analysis


job report


job description


Question 13

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Jackie works as a nurse on temporary assignments for hospitals throughout the region on an as-needed basis. Jackie is __________.

Question options:


a contingent worker


on job rotation


using job enlargement


none of the above


Question 14

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Information regarding job demands such as finger dexterity or conscientiousness is included in the information about __________ an HR specialist may collect during a job analysis.

Question options:


work activities


human behaviors


machines, tools, equipment, and   work aids


performance standards


Question 15

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Interviews should begin by __________.

Question options:


establishing rapport


jumping right into the heart of   the matter


highlighting what the interview   will be doing


explaining the qualifications of   the interviewer


Question 16

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Jane must decide what positions the firm should fill in the next six months. What activity is Jane working on?

Question options:






personnel planning




Question 17

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Once a firm has a pool of applicants, the first step in pre-screening is the __________.

Question options:


in-person interview


on-site visit


application form


recommendation from recruiters


Question 18

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In a mass interview, a team of individuals interviews the candidate in a __________ fashion.

Question options:










Question 19

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The information resulting from job analysis is used for writing __________.

Question options:


job descriptions


work activities


work aids


performance standards


Question 20

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The job specification takes the job description and answers which of these question?

Question options:


What traits and experiences are   required to do this job well?


When will the supervisor be   completely satisfied with a worker’s work?


What are the four main activities   of this job?


What are the performance standards   for this job?